Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A busy month

The first five of my Journal Quilts for this year. I intend to turn these into a book once they are completed. Its an exploration into colours and the colour wheel. Left to right they are: January (purple-red); February (deep red); March ( pale red); April ( orange-red); May (orange-yellow). Sorry about the addition of my knees, I just couldn't get far enough away to get a decent photo.

This is a closer view of the May Journal Quilt.

Now June - as you can see it is dark yellow. I have also completed July (light yellow) and August ( yellow-green). These last two will have to wait to be seen until I have been able to post them on the Contemporary Quilt Yahoo group.

This last photo is the small portable print board I have recently made for myself. It isn't white and pristine any more. I made it to take to a printing day at one of the Textile groups I go to - "Textiles without limits".

May was rather a busy month - with printing and painting fabric, stitching and sewing.

More photos next time.

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