Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plans starting to come together.

I've had another busy week. This time managing to get some sewing in - well, the sewing took place yesterday and today. No housework took place. During the week I got on with some knitting.

Sorry, the green here looks rather washed out. This is the Sirdar pattern.

Next comes the Vogue design by Vladimir Teriokhin. This has been such fun to knit so far. It looks a little odd at the top at present because this is where the second v cable starts. Again the colour is not quite right, it has more of a green cast.

Then I was playing with my camera and took these one evening.

Today was such a gorgeous day, that I took these.

Spring is definitely on the way!

With my trusty helper watching from the mending pile (when he wasn't asleep), I sarted getting on with the new quilt.

Its still just a collection of blocks at present, but its getting there. I shall soon have to choose which of my fleece blankets I should choose for the backing.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


At long last I have started knitting again and I have plans for a quilt!

Its been a funny time just lately, far too busy to really get my head together to do any sewing or stitching of any kind Now the sun has come out and today looks really nice outside. I should really be outside enjoying the weather rather than contemplating starting any sewing! I think I should compromise, and take myself off for a walk and then come back to sew a little later on.


The plant above, a Spathyphyllum, is the latest addition to my workroom. It was given to me last weekend as a birthday present by my younger daughter, Rosie. Its such an elegant plant.

Now, the sewing.
I rather fancy having a couple of quilts I can bundle into the car, ready for sitting on the grass for a picnic. The pattern below, I have had for quite a time now. I really should try it out.

Last weekend, I went to Hobbycraft and found these stripes and checked fabrics. The plan started to come together at long last.

The colours are such fun. Reduced price too! Just couldn't resist.

Then on Thursday, at the Knots and Needles meeting, we had a speaker, Barbara Crompton, who also runs the shop "Material Pleasures". She got all of us doing some English Patchwork using papers. I hadn't done any of this style of patchwork for a very long time. It got me back into sewing again. Thanks Barbara!

She had brought some items from her shop along with her. I found these. Just the right range of colours to go with the bright stripes and checks!

So now, the fabric has been washed and ironed and I am ready to go.........................

Oh yes, yesterday, I went into Aldi and found the perfect yarn for my next cardigan.

The design is by Sirdar for their Click DK range of yarns. The leaflet number is 8956.

The colour I chose? Well, its a rather nice green acrylic. Acrylic? Yes, well this cardi will be used for school and I do like to be able to wash things easily.

As usual, I rather overdid it and bought enough for three garments (3 x 500g!) The other two colours will come in for some other tops and cardigans I really need.

Then, because I was in the mood, I resurrected this pattern by Vladimir Teriokhin. (Vogue Knitting International, Spring / Summer 2008). This is a design I really love, but last time attempted to knit it using the wrong yarn. This time I am using bamboo, just like the original! It feels lovely..........................

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A walk

Such a lovely early evening. Took myself off for a walk and took these photos.
Just a short walk, but it was so nice to get outside and into the fresh air.
The lambs gambolling in the field at the back of the village were a real delight to see.
The colours are so bright with the sun just about to go down.