Friday, January 29, 2016

The vintage top design

Detail of the top front, showing the armhole detail and the collar.
Yes, the top is complete. I put it onto Aggie, my tailor's dummy to take some photos. The picture above gives the most accurate representation of the colour. As you can see, the collar opening comes really low. Definitely a garment to be worn over a polo necked top. I fancy making myself a long sleeved white shire with an open revere collar just like the one in the pattern. Perhaps to wear with a tailored skirt or trousers. I look forward to being able to wear this.

Full front showing the structure - there are two pockets down above the double moss stitch hem.
A rather smart design and timeless. I do like the fact that there are pockets, I might not use them, but they are such a nice addition.

The back
Again, a nice clean line to the back. I wish I knew what colour the original design was knitted up in. Mum has now taken the pattern and is going to have a go at knitting it. My sister's version is also nearing completion. Hers, in 3ply, is an even paler jade than mine.
The pattern

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More knitting

Being away for Christmas and then going on holiday for a fortnight has meant no posts here, sadly. However, I am now back. Plans for this week include ensuring everything is ready for a talk I am giving on the 10th February and also preparing for a workshop on the 12th. I must have been mad to have agreed to it all. Still, I have always worked better when under pressure.
I did manage to complete one stitched piece yesterday. Unfortunately, I can't share it until after the 12th February. Yes, the piece is part of a challenge which finishes on that date. The group is one for whom I shall be giving the workshop. It should be fun.
After finishing the waistcoat I showed in my last post here, I started a completely different project. The knitting pattern is one found by my sister. It dates from the 1920s, and was taken from a magazine called "Woman's Outlook". The date on the cover is 14th January1928.

The sleeveless top
The photo isn't very clear about exactly what it looks like. I have now almost completed it, just needing to complete the sailor style collar which isn't clearly shown above.

The pattern's headline
The pattern uses 3ply, but I have used 4ply since I could achieve the correct tension. The yarn used is Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply in the aqua colourway. Not a cheap wool, this is pure merino, chosen since it should drape well.

Just knitting the collar
The collar, hemline and armholes are all in double moss stitch. I shall take more photos when the light is better.
It was a delightful project to take away on holiday.