Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well, the next stage of the scarf has been finished.
You will have seen this for the first time here:

The water soluble has been washed away and the felt slightly felted.
At present it measures thirty-two and a quarter inches long, and just seven and a half inches wide. At this size, it really isn't quite long enough or wide enough to work as a scarf. My next task will be to add some FME (Free Machine Embroidery) lace at both long sides to add width. There will be more lace added at each end. This will then end in a long fringe. See sketch book entry below.

During the week, I also discovered a discarded pair of jeans. These belonged to one of my daughters who had sliced up the sides of the legs, leaving slits around 2 inches in length. I thought it would be fun to cover the bottoms of the jeans with a patchwork of small fabric pieces. This should then cover the slits, leaving an almost-new pair of jeans ..... for me! (Unless they get claimed by the previous owner.)

I have the Easter Holiday coming up soon, so these two projects will make for a rather pleasant time. My sewing machine is back from being serviced (how I missed it when it was away!) and I am eager to start using it again.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Discovering podcasts.

I've had quite an interesting time today. Stitching feverishly to get a piece finished in time to send off, I was able to listen to a couple of podcasts.
Looking through a number of Blogs, I found a mention of this podcast -
Its an American podcast, and well worth a listen. The interviewee was Celie Fago who works with polymer and precious metal clays.
Searching around, I found another podcast -
Again, this comes from America. It seems to be intended for artists rather than craft enthusiasts. However the speaker, Stefan Bucher, was fascinating to listen to.
To most of you I will sound really rather behind the times. I had heard of podcasts, but never listened to one. It will be interesting to find out about other podcasts there are which might be out there - to do with textiles. Any suggestions?

I shall post photographs of the work another time - I need to show it to the recipients first!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I got woken up rather early this morning since I had forgotten to switch off the alarm clock. This goes off at 6.00 am during the week. I was struck by just what a beautiful morning it was turning into outside, so made a grab for the camera.

I took the photos from a downstairs window. They show houses across the nearby roads from my own home. For some reason my camera is showing a time exactly an hour later than the photos were actually taken. Sorry they look so dark................

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Felt thing.

Well, the felt object from my last Blog posting has now metamorphosed into a "Thing".
It was great fun working the felt, making this shape. I wasn't sure how it would work out. Its quite an interesting shape, though I'm not sure whether I like it or not! I shall leave it on one side and look at it again in a few weeks time. It might sound a silly thing to do, but I find that I can see something more objectively if I do this.
The scarf is still being worked on. I will be continuing the sewing tomorrow when I go back to the Textiles course.