Monday, May 29, 2017

Back again!

Completed Cocoon Coat


side view

collar detail
 Well. as you can see, I finally finished my cocoon coat. Just in time for the hot weather to appear! I shall put this away safely ready for the chill weather to arrive in the Autumn. It will be a really cosy jacket to wear. I was pleased with the way it all went together. The original design has the sleeves ending at the tartan. I like my sleeves to end at my wrist, so I added the extra section.

washed fabric pieces
 Yesterday I found two really interesting fabrics. Some really soft jersey fabric. They were part of garments in a charity shop which were really way too big for me. So I have cut the tops apart and washed them. I shall make these up into summery tops for myself in the next few days.

Button It Up Skirt
These next two knitting projects are test knits I have got myself involved with. The first will end up as a toddler's knitted skirt. The colour is a rather nice sage green. I seem to be using this colour a lot in the things I have been making over the past twelve months or so. The yarn is an acrylic aran.
Bronze Oxide
This second project is, or rather will be, a shawl. The colours are cream, light grey, pink and burgundy. 

Both are really interesting projects and I shall share the details of the designer when the patterns are published later in the year. They are part of a collection which is well worth waiting for.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

New project and challenges

Completed 5 inch squares project
Well, the first thing completed this week is this drum bin which I have been working on for quite a while. It has languished mostly because I couldn't work out how to attach the base or which way up the thing ought to be. It is part of the 5 inch square challenge from Pinfold which I started some time ago. As usual it has only been finished now because the deadline is tomorrow....... Always the last minute! You will find my other project for this challenge in this post.

The bin will probably be used in my workroom to house bits and pieces for whichever project is in hand. It will stop the elements disappearing in all directions just when I need them the most. The worst culprits seem to be the cotton reels which tend to roll off my table once the sewing machine is in full motion and get stuck under the set of drawers. It stands 8.5 inches tall (21.5cm). A useful size for the larger projects I have in mind.

Stowe bag
This is one project which I would like to complete sometime soon. I need to organise a present for the organiser of one of a music group I belong to. I intend to print some suitable fabric. However, before printing the fabric I need to try the pattern out. I bought a kit from Minerva Crafts to make a single version of this bag.
Colibri jumper now completed
Yes, this is the same photo as last time. I can report that the pattern is now available from Ravelry. My own version is now with my granddaughter.

Knitted patchwork blocks - version 1
Last week found me in the Lake District without a knitting project. Daft, but this doesn't happen very often. I'd taken along a few pattern ideas and a collection of 4ply yarn left over from previous projects. After discarding all the patterns I'd taken with me, I started messing around and this is the result. I'm still not entirely sure what I shall do with it. Blanket? Cushion cover?

Knitted patchwork blocks - version 2
The idea is also to make something without seams. The only stitching required for the Colibri jumper was to sew in the ends since it was knitted from the top down. Hence my own experiment. This is why you can see so many live stitches protected by stitch holders. I haven't decided whether the two pairs of squares which have already been joined should be turned into a square or become part of an edging of sorts to go round a centre which I haven't designed yet....... Still thinking about that.

Just recently I have joined "The Foldline". It is an interesting forum for anyone who sews. It seems set up mostly for anyone interested in making clothes. I am not sure whether the forum will have a place for someone like me who makes textile related stuff. I do make clothes too. Ah well, we shall see.