Thursday, August 03, 2006

This the Hussif I completed yesterday. There is a matching bag to. All the lettering has been achieved using free-machine embroidery techniques. (Dropping the feed-dogs and drawing along a predrawn tailor's chalk line.)
The fabric of the Hussif has been made by putting together a whole load of bits of red/ pink and purple coloured fabrics. I cannot bear throwing away even very small pieces of fabric so keep these in a drawer. This time I just used Bondaweb to stick the pieces onto a piece of poly cotton fabric the shape and size required for the Hussif itself. The whole piece was then stitched using a figure of eight, swirly pattern. Again, the feed dogs were dropped to make the whole thing flow more easily through the sewing machine.
The bag, which I have called bagpurse was made in exactly the same way. This was only completed this morning. Neither was made from a pattern, but I must give credit to Roxie at Stitching Post for her photographs.

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