Thursday, November 09, 2006

Red, black and white.

Its been rather too long since I last added to this Blog. Sorry to those of you who drop by hoping to find something new. Work has been getting in the way just lately.
Never mind, I recently finished the ninth block of the Red, White and Black quilt. It was nice playing about with the blocks and trying out what they might look like when I finally put them together. The sashing will be red, unless I find it doesn't work as well I hope it will.
The final three blocks are now cut and ready to sew, but will have to wait for a few days more. I am helping out at the Cranford exhibition this Saturday, so won't have much time to sew this weekend. Never mind, it will be a lovely day with friends. I might even find the right red for the sashing I need.

These are the completed blocks for the quilt - nine of the final twelve.

These are nine of the blocks made for the backing, just to give a feel of what it may look like. The sashing here may be red or even black, rather than white. The red from the front would show through too much.

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