Thursday, December 28, 2006

Seasons Greetings

Hello everyone!
Rather late, but I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Creative New Year.
No photos this time, but I am beavering away with a number of projects at the moment - completing the Black, Red and White Block of the month quilt; Paisley 3; catching up with Paisleys 1 and 2 when I can fit this in too. Oh, and then there's Serenity, my next figure.
I shall be a bit stuck after finishing the machine quilting of the quilt-as-you-go blocks. The fabric I intended for the sashing just will not do. I shall have to go and get something else. The red is just the colour I need, but it looks so dull!! I shall get something with more of a printed texture to it. The quilt would get far too "busy" if I added some embroidery to the red I have got. But that is an idea worth thinking about.....
Paisley 3 is an experiment on the Paisley theme. I should have started this after completing the felted versions. But I got this rather intriguing idea - all based round a stumpwork version of Sharon's rather beautiful paisley designs. I shall be placing this on top of an embroidered fabric decorated with an all-over free-machined design of paisley images. I've already finished the fabric - photos safely in my camera - but I now need to extend the area of the stumpwork piece. The whole thing needs balancing.
This is the link to Sharon's excellent website:

To see her gorgeous designs you will need to go to the entry for the 30th August. Yes, I know I do work rather slowly.... But I do get so easily side-tracked.
Serenity is another of my figures - see "Gard" earlier on this Blog. The last entry showing him is the 13th August. My little figure is now named after one of my mother's uncles. I really couldn't resist since it seemed so appropriate.
At the moment Serenity is waiting for her chair. I have the image of a chaise longue in my head, but whether it will turn out to be this I do not know. I need the chair so that I can plan how her clothes will drape. I have some pieces of silk noil, ribbon and other items which will make her clothing and hair. I really ought to start making figures which stand, it might be easier.
Thanks for reading my Blog this year. I hope you have a really enjoyably creative 2007.
My very best wishes to you all.

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