Sunday, September 02, 2007

Summer School

Some photos from the Summer School I was talking about in the last post. The four day embroidery course was held near Ormskirk, Lancashire. The title was "What lies beneath" and took antique underwear as an inspiration. We all worked on designs to make a corset-style top. I designed mine to be worn with the shawl I have just completed.

The next photos shows just one of the items from the wonderful collection of underwear we were able to see.

The next photos are taken from the journal I made during the course with some of the ideas I have been playing around with for my own top. The mock-up shows just the centre panel of the princess-style shaped front.

Yes, I am intending to hand paint the fabric I shall use for this garment. Oh yes, I do intend to wear it.........

The green fabric shows a mock-up of one of the flowers from the front of the garment, as well as a completed free-machine embroidered strip of lace which is intended to edge the bottom of the completed corset-style top.

I met some wonderful people during the Summer School. It has left me with the ambition to start the City and Guild Embroidery course. I just need to work out how to fit in the full-time job................


Jenny said...

Mandy the shawl is just gorgeous. So many stitches to handle all at once. Enjoy wearing it, just in time for Autumn/Winter in the North.

The summer school sound like fun. FME, playing with old textiles & creating new. What a great way to spend a few days. Heaven!

N. Maria said...

Oh, your shawl is stunning! I love everything about it!
Your sewing is fabulous, too. I love to sew but it seems that knitting has taken over. I should probably find a happy medium.

Mandy said...

Yes, the Summer School was just what I needed. Fellow enthusiasts to chat to and learn from. A really interesting and thoughtful course leader too. I had a great time and hope to be able to do another Summer School another time.
N.Maria, I veer from sewing to knitting to embroidery, from one enthusiasm to another. Just go with your interests and see where they take you.
Theres so much out there to try out and learn from.