Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seasonal walks.

We are so lucky here. There are so many local walks to enjoy.

On Boxing Day, 26th December, we all set out to enjoy one of these. A rare time for the family to be out and about together.

We went to the Anderton Nature Park. This is right next to the famous Anderton Boat Lift. This amazing structure was closed for seasonal repairs, so we went off to explore the woodlands and the walks around the nature park. This is a wonderful place to visit with a number of wooden sculptures marking special sites of interest. We spent a wonderful couple of hours getting ourselves lost and found again wandering the pathways.
This is the beautiful sculpture at one of the ponds and meres. It was placed here to remind visitors to look at the gorgeous dragonflies and damselflies which live here in the Summer and early Autumn months.

Here is the beautifully carved notice which details the types of dragonflies and damselflies which can be seen here.
It was a beautifully sunny and yet very cold wintry day. Wonderful walking weather.


Toni said...

Sounds like a great day!

Mandy said...

Yes it was. It was so nice to just be together to chat or enjoy the silence together.