Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knitting in public day.

Well, I knew I wouldn't be able to join in with any of the official Knitting in Public events this year. So, I did my own....................

I went to help with the Club Barbecue yesterday for the Model Flying Club where my husband is a member. Imagine this - a large field grass field. It is occasionally used by visiting light aircraft (full-size). At the side of one hedge are a series of buildings. One is the club shed. The other, a covered area. This covered area housed a home-made barbecue. This had been constructed in the shell of a large metal filing cabinet. Two barbecue firepits one above the other. Impressive.
At the front of this, a trio of gazebos (tented roof structures) to give shade. Under the gazebos the picnic tables covered by my collection of tablecloths. There was red/white tape showing the boundaries not to be crossed by anyone not directly involved with the model aircraft. In one of these was a static park for all the model aircraft due to fly that afternoon.

We arrived at around 11 am to help out with the setting up of the gazebos, chairs, tables, food preparation areas, etc. Lots to do at the start. The event was due to begin at 2pm with the "neighbours", the farmers, and other house-owners living around the area of the flying field had been invited too. It was to be a big social event. The weather was kind and the day dawned bright and cheerful.
I took a couple of project bags with me, since I could foresee quite a few hours where I would be on my own. Ian had brought four models with him and he was going to be flying those during the course of the afternoon as well as moving around meeting and greeting visitors and members. He is a member of the Club Committee.
The projects I took along were: the cardigan and two knitted tops I am currently making; a piece of applique I wanted to hand stitch around; a sketchbook and pencils; and my camera. There was also my Travellers Chuck which was also brought along in case I needed something to spread myself out on. I managed to complete the back on one of my tops - a lace piece that I am inventing as I knit.
During the afternoon I had a series of fascinating conversations with the wives of members. It was really so nice to be able to stitch along and chat. A couple of people said "ooh I wish I'd brought my knitting." Perhaps they will, next time.The nicest conversation was with an eight year old learning knitter who was fascinated by the lace. It was so nice to show her that lace is really not scary and to connect it to the stitch she had learnt. I hope she starts playing with lace for herself - I showed her the principle of knitting two stitches together and adding a yarn-over to make a deliberate hole.

I finished my Italy quilt during the week and it is now ready to be posted.


roberta said...

mandy., the quilt arrived a few minutes ago, it is beautiful, so much work, so clever.
Thanks from Roberta of Thousand colors

Mandy said...

Thanks so much Roberta. I am so relieved that it has arrived.