Friday, August 07, 2009

A walk and a night visitor.

Well, the walk happened last Sunday. It was a lovely day and my dear husband had bought a "new" camera on EBay. A good opportunity to go and try it out. I took my own camera along. Far less sophisticated, but I find it so much easier to use.
We went to Tegg's Nose. This is a beautiful Country Park in the hills above Macclesfield.

The paths are quite steep and can be challenging, but the walk is so beautiful. I put on my walking boots since I knew it would get wet at some point along the way.

Here are some of the drystone walls surrounding one of the farms adjoining the Country Park.

Quite often, as they grow, the trees nudge into a wall, gently knocking it down over time.

The walls look so lovely when the moss has started to grow on the stone.

This was the stream we needed to walk across. You can just see the edges of the stones used as a pathway across.

Further along, we saw these old railway sleepers being used as a reinforcement to a bank.

I just love the way the ivy creeps up this tree. It will need to be removed at some stage so that the tree doesn't get damaged.

We walked between two small reservoirs. This rather nice detail was part of the overflow which is part of the pathway between the two. The higher reservoir can overflow using this section of the path, if the water level gets too high.

I just loved the patterns that the plants made growing in the concrete.

The walk was quite strenuous, but we have decided to go walking again next weekend. There are so many good choices for a walk round here, that it will be difficult to choose which one to try next.

This was my night visitor. A rather handsome moth. It stayed on a post-it note I had stuck to the wall above my desk. The angle-poise lamp was illuminating the paper, which is probably what had attracted the moth. It stayed for some time, allowing me to take quite a few photos.
I then left it in peace and went off to my bed, shutting the door so that the cats would not become interested in it's presence.


Eugenie said...

Wonderful and inspiring pictures.
Thank you for sharing!

Eugenie said...

Wonderful and inspiring pictures.
Thank you for sharing!

Mandy said...

Thanks Eugenie:)