Sunday, September 06, 2009

Away days and finishing off.

The photo above is of the lamp that stands at the entrance to the Close (small cluster of houses)where I live. I can see it from the bedroom window.

For a couple of days this week, we went off down to St Ives in Cambridgeshire. The photo has the hotel we stayed in to the right hand side. The meadows in the front are beside the River Ouse.

In the centre of the bridge over the Ouse is a delightful little chapel.
I had a wonderful time exploring the town and all the little alleyways and side roads. Down one of these I saw this wall painting. It reminded me so much of work by Banksy. I wonder if it was by him.

The picture was in a little alleyway which ran off the quayside.

Here are some of the details I saw walking around.

Some beautifully coloured lichen on the stonework of the bridge.

Hand carved lintel detail from above a window. Each window and door on this building has a different carving above it.

This is the roof of the teahouse next to the bridge. I just love the colours.
There were many very old Willow trees about the town. One near the Hotel was afflicted with this amazing fungus.

This tree, near the marina was very healthy.

Thanks St Ives, I really had a very pleasant stay. I especially enjoyed my visit to the Norris Museum where I was able to enjoy an exhibition all about Woad, and a lovely chat with the lady behind the desk.
Not surprisingly, there has not been much textile work done. But here are the items I managed to finish before we left.

The green jacket has now been claimed by my elder daughter and will soon be hanging n her wardrobe.

The white cardigan is just as cosy as I had hoped and will not be going anywhere except my wardrobe, unless it is being worn by me.

I have worn my blue skirt, but will probably have to alter the waistline. Its a bit too loose.


Toni said...

What great pictures!

Mandy said...

Thank you so much Toni.There was so much to see - lots of texture to appreciate too.
One thing I forgot to mention was the beautiful Black Mulberry tree which I saw in the courtyard of the museum.

donnac1968 said...

Lovely pictures. The first one looks like you could be stepping into Narnia!

Mandy said...

Agreed. The only extra things needed being a wardrobe door somewhere behind me and some snow.