Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sewing Adventures

Well, I have finally started mum's quilt. This is the first block. It shows the mix of squares. As a working title, I have called this "Square Dance". After a lot of playing around with blocks, I came up with this:

As you can probably see, I put a series of blocks into the mix in a slightly different colourway. Yes its a much plainer quilt than I had planned. The reason being that mum will be using this quilt to cover her favourite leather chair, a recliner. It seemed pointless to make a more complex quilt which she might not want to use for sitting on.........

The backing will be a light brown fleece fabric which has been in my stash for some time waiting for me to complete mum's quilt.

I plan to make a wall hanging using all the ideas I had put together for Terpsichorean - my first plans for this quilt.

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