Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting in Whitby.

The view from the cottage windows. We could see right across the harbour. A lovely spot.

Can you see the white painted building at the foot of a larger two story house? It has a strange black symbol painted to the right of the front windows. That is Kipper Cottage. It is the bottom floor of a larger building, but is also a completely separate dwelling. The white shape to the left is also part of the cottage - the front bedroom window. Approached down a slope seen to the right of the painted shape, it is a comfy and cosy place to stay. Beautifully set out, it was a delight to be able to stay there for the weekend. Close to everything, we had a wonderful time exploring.

I just loved this delightful building tucked away in one of the streets leading off from the harbour.

There was even a small replica of the Endeavour, one of the ships taken by Captain Cook on his travels. I couldn't resist the reflection of the rigging.

Here you can see the older part of Whitby with the Abbey perched on top of the promontory. The ruins can be seen behind the church. There is a very steep set of steps up to the Abbey and the surrounding buildings. A fascinating place to visit.

All in all, a rather special weekend.

Just before we left we stumbled upon the Charity Market being held in Northwich. I found these lovely books dating from around 1946.

This is the contents list from the Home Needlecraft book. It has really good illustrations showing how to convert older clothing into new......... Fascinating how ideas come round again.

The knitting? Well, I got a lot of knitting done on Simon's jumper. I am making him a second jumper this Christmas. This one is in charcoal. So nice to sit cosily perched on a comfy settee (sofa) after a day spent exploring.


Picnicfan said...

What a beautiful place for a knitting weekend!

Mandy said...

It certainly was. The enchanting thing about Whitby is the many little side roads and pathways to be explored. It was great fun looking around. I found a fascinating knitting shop in an old chapel. There was a small exhibit of old gansies there too. (Patterns were available to knit your own.)

Toni said...

Oh, how lovely!!!

Mandy said...

We couldn't get over just how lucky we had been with the weather. Rather stormy as we were arriving, but then waking to a glorious, if windy morning.
Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the Dracula house. I screamed the whole way round and this was only about 6 years ago!! Embarrassing!

Mandy said...

No, I'm afraid I chickened out of that one. I did go past though.
There was a Ghost Walk and a Dracula Walk on two evenings when I was there. The meeting place was suitably spooky, but didn't join in. We ventured into one of the local pubs instead, and settled down to an evening meal. Much cosier!