Monday, February 21, 2011

Making fabric - completion

This is the next stage of working on the fabric pieces I constructed last time. I am oversewing, doodling with my machine. This is FME - free machine embroidery. It is good fun. If you have never tried it for yourself - try this:

Start doodling on a scrap of paper. Here, I have started in the centre and swung round in a spiral.

Then I have added loops like petals.

The loops have then lead on to heart-shaped leaves which link to each other.

Thats all it is. Just drop the feed-dogs on your sewing machine, get out the darning foot and try it for yourself. Don't just try copying my patterns. Why not try using the patterns left on the scribble pad beside the telephone. (If you doodle like I do there should be plenty of inspriration there.)

The photo above shows the completed piece, well part of it. I use a size 14 (90) Universal needle with a slightly looser tension than usual. The thread being used here is YLI machine quilting thread in the colourway V70 Red Hat Club, by Luana Rubin. The bobbin thread is Coats Duet 1033, a cream colour. Yes, I should be using cotton, but didn't have any in the right sort of colour.

My sewing machine allows me to set the sewing speed. I usually set this to medium, not too fast but then not too slow either.

The picture above shows the underside of the finished fabric. I shall be lining this before using it, but it does show the stitching quite nicely.

All you need to bear in mind with FME is that the patterns need to link into each other in a continuous line. This isn't hard, and it avoids having to weave in any ends................... and there is no stopping and starting either. If you should find yourself stuck in a corner and not easily able to get out of it just stop, cut the thread and start again somewhere else. I often need to do this. It isn't obvious once you have completed the piece.

Do let me know how you get on.


Martha Winger said...

You make it look sooo easy. Your doodles translated very well into free arm design. Thanks for sharing your process!

Mandy said...

Do give it a try Martha. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching design.Does look like so much fun! Does the fabric have any drape to it when you are done with all the stitching, and it being two layers? You just lay out the scraps on top, no turning under or seaming them together first?

have you made this before and washed it, what happens to it!

Mandy said...

Hello Ktj,
How good to hear from you.
Yes, this is a lot of fun to do. The completed fabric does not drape well because of the various layers. I put the pieces of fabric on without bothering about turning ends under. So all the edges are raw edges. I tend to use this fabric for project bags, book covers and similar items.
Yes, I have made this "fabric" a few times before. I have washed one of the resulting bags too. I simply put it into the washing machine on a normal wash. I knew none of the fabric would run because I always wash my fabric before I use it. (Any pieces which do run are discarded and put into a special collection of bits which gets used when I will not be washing something - a mixed media piece for example.) My bag went onto the washing line to dry. All I noticed once it was all dry again, was that the fabric pieces were slightly fluffier. Since I had been able to sew across each piece even if only by a small amount, the pieces stayed in place. Bondaweb is great, but I tend not to rely on it if I might want to wash the item later on.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes, Mandy.

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Wow! those are beautiful!

Mandy said...

Thank you.