Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabric book covers, knitting and finding inspiration.

Well the shawl is nearing completion. I have added a picot bind off to the edge since I didn't fancy either the garter stitch edging or the ruffles of the original pattern. It will be interesting to see this after blocking. Not many more stitches to go.

I've been playing about with making some simple paper notebooks lately. The book cover saying "East of India" was a paper bag I really just couldn't throw away or recycle.

This is the latest fabric book cover. This time I have covered a plastic A4 file. It has been made using African fabrics as befits the title of the file - "Africa". It now houses my small collection of printed African fabric and two pieces which have been languishing deep within my collection of UFOs. I bought the fabric here.

Both are based on this beautiful carved wood head which my daughter brought back from Tanzania. I managed to get a few photos of it before it went home with her. The photo has been altered using Photoshop to minimise the number of colours.

I really should do something with those pieces, but I don't quite know what yet.

I've been searching for inspiration lately for the latest challenge from the "Sky's the Limit" group. The latest challenge is entitled "Inspired by................" So I rooted around the library and found these wonderful books on Architecture. Whether I shall use them for the final piece or not remains to be seen. I am enjoying looking through the pages of these books for now.

I loved the photos of fences and bannisters in this book. Beautiful work and so ornate.

This one contains some wonderful buildings.

Where do you find your own inspiration?


Jenny said...

Inspiration can come from anywhere, photos, books, magazines, nature, buildings, music, words etc etc. The hardest part is starting & deciding, especially if there is no given starting point. Many years ago I started collecting magazine cuttings, photos etc & kept them in a box ( or two!) Now I have a number of inspirational journals which contain my own sketches, drawings, notes etc which are quick to refer to when I need something. Having a starting point makes life so much easier, then I can concentrate on the lines, shapes etc & take it where I want.
Another starting point might be to ask yourself the question "What do I want to do", make a list, then use the words from the list as a starting point. The hardest point is finding a starting point. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

History, other cultures, my kids' art, the interests of my friends. As always, I love your work. :)

Mandy said...

Thanks Jenny. Some really useful ideas there.
You are so right about finding a starting point. But I shall certainly have a go with the idea about making a list.

Mandy said...

Thanks Elizabeth. There are clearly so many sources for inspiration. I love the way you add your children's art as a source of inspiration. They have such an eye for the world when young.

Truly Myrtle said...

Love your bookcovers, they a fabulous!
Inspiration is a funny thing - it hits me in the oddest of places - usually I have ideas that appear out of no where when I am doing something un-craft related...nice to know my making brain is still on!

Mandy said...

I agree. I started to carry a notebook around with me some years ago. Its full of funny little bits and pieces as well as written notes. Although I don't refer to it very often it does help me to remember some of the things that inspire me.