Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being busy - sewing.

Well, it feels as if there's a lot to do. My first concern at the moment is to get this quilt finished.

Yes, I know it isn't my usual style. This is a child's quilt which will be sent off to Roberta in Italy at the end of the month. If I can get it finished in time, that is.

This is the true colour of the two fabrics used for the main part of the top.

I am busily stitching around each of the applique pieces. This will make the whole thing more resilient. The child receiving this quilt will probably be around 3 to 5 years old.

Another project which needs to be completed are the journal quilts for Contemporary Quilt. I have pieced the remaining four, but haven't completed the stitching yet. 

I have two quilts to complete for the Sky's the Limit group, some textile pages to complete for another group   and then there is the second blouse for choir which is waiting for me to sew it together. The list continues, but I shall not bore you with it. It is my usual problem - far too many projects to fit into the time I have available. I shouldn't complain, since it is far better to have a lot to do rather than nothing at all.

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