Sunday, June 16, 2013

Work in progress

Caribbean beach.

Same beach as the above photo.

This is a sample which I am currently working on. The design is based on the Caribbean photos above. I took the photos myself whilst on holiday, and is rather an experiment in using sheers and playing with texture.
Octagon and square quilt - in progress.

This next quilt is a hand sewn project. I'm really not sure what the eventual size will be, or even how I will quilt it. Still, I am enjoying playing around with the colours in my quilting cottons stash.

January 2013 Journal Quilt.

February 2013 Journal Quilt

March 2013 - Journal Quilt

April 2013 - Journal Quilt

These are the first four of my journal quilts for this year. My theme for the year is "Shadows and silhouettes". It has been a good excuse for messing around with different printing styles and applique. I am woefully behind, however and need to start the May and June quilts. However, the work being done on my Horizon quilt is taking precedence. Ah well, I might just be able to catch up by the next deadline - the next four journal quilts need to be completed by the end of August.


Toni said...

Oh, I love your new quilt blocks!

Mandy said...

Thanks Toni, they are a bit of fun. I just needed something to carry around with me.