Monday, July 29, 2013

A busy week - stitching away.

Completed jacket.
That silly brooch.
The past week has been very busy. My dress for the wedding is complete and so is the jacket. I even made a jokey brooch to go with it. It is rather over-sized, though and will probably end up as a decoration for a hat I haven't yet had any time to go and look for.

I've been busy completing the next piece for the Chinese Whispers challenge. I can't show it to you since the whole project is a secret and the unveiling happens later this year. Now, I really am looking forward to the unveiling since I really don't have any idea what the themes were supposed to be for any of the pieces I have worked on. But then, that's the fun of the game. You will find an explanation here.

The other things I have been working on are to do with the Festival of Quilts which is just over a week away. I can hardly wait. I've been making some more of the book wraps for the Tombola, which is being organised by Contemporary Quilt this year. I really am not sure how many I shall manage to complete in the remaining time I have left. After all, next weekend is my nephew's wedding! Which, of course was why I was making myself a new dress and altering that jacket.

Ah well, back to the sewing. I shall take some photos of the book wraps before I take them down to Festival.

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Toni said...

The jacket turned out really cute, and I'll bet it looks wonderful with the new dress!