Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Busy sewing, stitching and crochet too!

New pincushion
The past few weeks and months have been crazy. I really don't know where the time has gone, but little in the way of sewing was completed until recently. Hence this post.
The first project was a new pincushion to house my new glass-headed pins. My old, much loved pincushion had seen better days and is currently residing at my younger daughter's house. She didn't have enough pins to assist in constructing a new upholstered cover for her renovated bench. I gave her mine, complete with old pincushion. So, having bought some new pins to replace the donated ones, I put this pincushion together. It is very simple. A little pot, around 2.5 inches tall, found in a charity shop stuffed, with a wad of polyester toy stuffing. The stuffing is contained within a piece of fabric made of selvedges from my collection.

Crochet cushion cover
I also finished this crochet cushion cover. The design was found inside issue 57 of the Inside Crochet magazine. The original design was for double knitting, but I have used 4ply. It makes for a really comfy cushion.

This pair of culottes has also been completed recently. The design comes from an old pattern originally from the Burda magazine dating from October 1989. I made these back in 1989 and wore them out, finding them really comfortable to wear. Not surprisingly, I have had to enlarge the pattern by two sizes................. I am rather heavier than I used to be.

Another version of my favourite shirt pattern. This time a fitted version of the Hotpatterns design which sadly now seems to be out of print. This now has buttons down the front and is ready to wear as soon as I get around to ironing it.

Dress pattern
This is a current project. Being constructed out of calico (muslin?), this is rather an experiment. I am intending to use this as a printing project once I have the bodice and the skirt constructed. Hopefully I should be able to get most of the sewing done this evening. I shall have to wait until later this week before getting started with the printing, Funnily enough I am off to a printing workshop tomorrow. Sadly, not an occasion when I can get started with this.
The pattern is from  Prima Magazine and is dated 1990. I found it in a charity shop.

Crochet cushion cover in progress
Another current project. This is a project to use up my stash of 4ply yarn, or some of it. The design is actually for double knitting, so my version will need rather more of the little hexagons. The pattern came in a booklet supplied with the May edition of "Knitting Magazine" (UK).

The crochet pattern
Ah well, I must get back to the sewing if I am to get the bodice and skirt parts completed today.


Toni said...

All the projects look great! I especially love the culottes--they drape so nicely!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much, Toni. I love wearing them and intend to make some more, especially some for colder weather.