Monday, August 31, 2015

Not much sewing this week.....

Ella in the summerhouse
I've been rather busy helping with the construction of a summerhouse down at the bottom of the garden. Ella is acting as organiser ensuring her meals are on time.

Papers and dyecatchers for bookmaking
One of the textile groups I go to is having a session working on altered books in November. Since I really cannot bear the thought of damaging or working into a printed book I decided to make my own instead. I have brought out all my dyecatchers and dyed papers to see what I can do. Since there has been no time this week to start anything,  it has remained in a heap. I'm looking forward to seeing what shape of book I end up with. The papers were dyed since they were used to wipe excess dye from boxes I had been cleaning out after a dyeing session. They were far too interesting to be consigned to the bin.

The growing crochet cushion cover
The crochet cover continues to grow. It is surprising just how much work can continue on a portable project like this.
Rowan knitting patterns by Martin Storey
My elder daughter and her husband were up this weekend and a jumper was requested. I brought out my latest knitting magazines and books and the pattern chosen was "Hearth" from the Rowan "Pioneer" collection. Knitted in a Super Chunky yarn, it really shouldn't take too long to make. However, it is always dangerous for me to pick up the knitting needles again. I know I shall start planning other knitting projects........ This is such an interesting book with some very nice patterns.....

The chosen pattern
 Yes, I did get some stitching done, but only some handstitching. I took this piece along to another group and worked quite happily on it before going back to get some of the crocheted cushion hexagons completed.
Hand stitched sampler destined to become a cushion cover
Another of the groups I go to will be having a cushion tombola in 2016. I thought I would get a head start and use some of my samplers up, turning them into the tops for cushion covers. This first one doesn't feel finished yet, But this next one is almost ready.
A hand stitched sampler - another future cushion cover

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