Friday, March 11, 2016

Finished!! Some completed items.

Completed sweater - front view
Well, I eventually got my Dolmanesque sweater completed. I found I had to rip out and start again with the collar since I just couldn't make it the pattern version work. It gaped far too much. The pattern is a delightful one to knit with plenty of interest, so well worth the trouble.
You can find our more about the design in this post. It is comfy to wear too.
Completed sweater - back view
One project finished, I have been working to complete two quilts for the Region 13 challenge, "A postcard from...." The challenge comes from The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. Region 13 covers most of North Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire and a lot of the North West of the UK. The challenge asked members to complete a quilt, A4 size (roughly 11.5" by 8.5") on the subject, "A postcard from...." NWCQ also challenged it's members to take part, using the town of Frodsham where we meet.

Messing around with brick patterns.
Well, mine started off with this pattern of bricks. This is it:

A postcard from ..... Frodsham - The bee emblem. 
 As always, completed just in time since I need to hand it over tomorrow. Last minute? The brick pattern has been printed on cotton sheet, it has been bondawebbed in place onto a piece of my own rust dyed fabric. This has been free machine embroidered. The design on top was taken from a gorgeous stained glass window above the Frodsham Library front door. The design comes from the fact that the emblem for the town is a bee.

A postcard from....... Moulton - the Crow Dance
Well, I'd foolishly decided to also do one for my local village - Moulton. The emblem for the village is the crow. There is also a rather unique dance performed each year by an anonymous group of local men. Hence the strange figures and the crow watching on. The photos have been printed onto cotton and bondawebbed in place onto a piece of my own dyed fabric. The figures have also been printed and hand coloured before being bondawebbed in place. Free machine embroidery keeps the layers together. Why the cenotaph and the street scene? Well, the dancers usually parade down this particular street towards the cenotaph.The scarecrow and the farmer are all part of the dance.

I think I'd better give my room a good tidy before starting anything new. I really need to get on with quilting the African Crosses Quilt next. It is all layered and ready to start, but I need to work out what patterning I am going to use. A few sample trial pieces will be worked on first, I think.

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