Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Should have used gloves

Block printing over a gelliplate print.
Spent a very enjoyable time using the print blocks I showed in my last post. These will turn into my journal quilts for May, June, July and August. Each fabric piece has first been printed using a gelliplate using red.
Perhaps I should have used gloves
These were my hands after the printing session. Perhaps I should have used gloves, but I really find I need to feel the blocks. The blue will fade, but I must admit it does look a little odd.
More printing 
The first print will become May, while this one will become June. The following block print will be July.

Another print
The last piece will be August. I intend to free machine a pattern of flowers over the top of these. I shall need to add green squares too. The challenge this year is to add only one to each piece, but since I started off by adding three to each of my completed journal quilts, I think I'd best continue the same way.
It will be interesting to play around with different shades of green and finding suitable threads for the stitching.

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