Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Printed fabric and introducing Humphrey.

Newly printed fabric drying
More fabric drying
These are the fabrics I printed using some of the fabric I showed last time - I have used fabric paints to print these. I wanted to collect together some samples using different types of print media ready for a print workshop I am giving later in the year.

My print board
 I just love the patterns collecting on my large print board. It gets more interesting each time I use it. The small board wasn't required this time since I was working outside. However, that is collecting some interesting patterns too.
Printed dyecatcher which had been used to clean up after another dyeing workshop.

Another printed dyecatcher. Having a paperlike texture, they print really well.
This piece had been printed before being dyed.
I have added the same design over the top using a thermofax.
I really enjoyed the session and managed to print quite a few pieces, The last one shown above is one of my favourites since it is going to be such a useful background for something one day.

I need to introduce Humphrey, a small dog made during a short workshop with Alsager Creative Stitchers. Such fun. Rosemary, who lead the session made a small butterfly for each of us to attach to our little figures. You can see the other creatures here.

That butterfly. So sweet.
Humphrey is barely 2.75inches tall (7.5cm) and the butterfly is just one inch (3cm) wingtip to wingtip.

Rowan Apache
At the meeting I was asked if I could complete this project - the design is called Apache and is by Sarah Hatton for Rowan. The yarn is Summer Tweed. Since the back had been completed and the two fronts only needed a little alteration before completion, it really didn't take long to complete. The top is now finished and ready to be returned. Hopefully, I should be able to hand it over next week.

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