Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Plans for sewing projects

1.2m of a cotton/elastane mix.
It has been rather a busy couple of weeks since I last posted here, including hanging an exhibition and visiting family. Sadly little sewing has been done, although I have managed some knitting.

The fabric shown above was a small piece found in a shop near my daughter's house. It was an offcut which I hope will be big enough for a nice top.

In a local charity shop I found this rather nice Tunic. It has a buttoned opening and is a wraparound. I think it may be a piece of vintage clothing from Gap. Apart from the label you can see at the neck, there is no other labelling.

Tunic front
Made from a nice firm denim, it has applique flowers from various shades of denim fabric. Sadly, it is too small to fit me, although it was labelled as my size in the shop.

Tunic back
I really like the shape and also the cuff detail, so have decided to try and take a pattern from the tunic itself. I could then make something similar in my own size.

Tunic cuff detail
The cuff detail is quite interesting, and could be easily imitated. I think I would prefer to have a roomier sleeve since the thinner sleeves on the tunic itself would be rather limiting for anyone trying to stitch or knit whilst wearing it.

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