Sunday, March 18, 2007

Discovering podcasts.

I've had quite an interesting time today. Stitching feverishly to get a piece finished in time to send off, I was able to listen to a couple of podcasts.
Looking through a number of Blogs, I found a mention of this podcast -
Its an American podcast, and well worth a listen. The interviewee was Celie Fago who works with polymer and precious metal clays.
Searching around, I found another podcast -
Again, this comes from America. It seems to be intended for artists rather than craft enthusiasts. However the speaker, Stefan Bucher, was fascinating to listen to.
To most of you I will sound really rather behind the times. I had heard of podcasts, but never listened to one. It will be interesting to find out about other podcasts there are which might be out there - to do with textiles. Any suggestions?

I shall post photographs of the work another time - I need to show it to the recipients first!

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