Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Knitting and bowl.

I've been busy doing the Textiles course again. This time I have made a small bowl. This has been made using tiny scraps of fabric held together with dissolvable fabric and plenty of free-machine embroidery.

The bowl started off as a flat circle which, after some stitching, had slits cut from the edge into the centre. This was then pinned with the sides slightly overlapping to form a bowl shape.

This just awaits soaking in water and then in a liquid called "Stiffy" which is a stiffening solution. This will ensure that the bowl remains rigid. Sadly this will have to wait for two weeks since there is a Bank Holiday (National holiday - May Day) on Monday and so the course will not be running that night.

This process is probably one I shall try again, since there are so many possibilities available -forming a wide variety of different stiffened shapes.

This is a view taken of the top surface of the bowl.

This is the upturned bowl - a view of the underside.

The side view - it looks a bit lopsided. Whoops!

I shall wait and see how the bowl turns out before searching out this liquid.

Has any one else had a go with this type of idea? Which stiffeners did you find worked the best? I'd be very interested to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

I managed to get my scarves completed with all the ends sewn in. Then started on the new cardigan. I mentioned buying the wool in my last post. Its Rowan Tapestry. The yarn is gorgeous to knit with. Really soft on the fingers. However, because it is so soft it is a bit of pest to work with when needing to rip back..... But oh, I look forward to being able to wear the finished item. I hope that I can finish it before the weather becomes too hot.


NormaH said...

Had to take a look at your bowl Mandy. Love the colors ..... hmmmmm like the scarf colors also.

Margaret said...

The bowl is great, I love the colours. I am experimenting with fibers vicariously though you so I can't help with the shaping or stiffener.
And the sweater is lovely. I love the way the wool creates the stripes. I do knit so I can appreciate the problems with different yarns. I did a scarf for my daughter with one of those loopy yarns and it had several holes because I had caught a long fiber rather than the actual yarn. I can't wait to see the sweater when it is done.
Margaret H.

Barbara said...

The bowl is fantastic!!