Sunday, April 22, 2007

Work on WISPs.

Well, this week I have managed to continue work on the Black, Red and White quilt. This time I have got to the stage of sewing all the twelve blocks together complete with the sashing between them.

The photo above gives an idea of the work so far. I have still to complete all the edging. I have plans for borders in both red and black on this side. This would probably need a thin strip of white otherwise it would look too dark and dull.

This is the reverse side of the quilt, showing the sashing around all the blocks. Here the border will be green and black with a thin strip of a pale colour. At this stage, I am not sure whether the thin strip would look better as a plain colour or as a stripe of the different colours used in the blocks. I need to live with this for a few days before deciding. The green shown in the photo above does not look as if it matches. In life it is really a darker shade of the small pale green square at the top left hand side of each of the blocks.

I fell for this yarn yesterday when I went to get some embroidery cottons for an embroidery project. Its fatal going into a shop which also sells wool, I just can't resist looking at all the yarns available at the moment.

This yarn is interesting, it is one of the Rowan range, and each of the colourways is variegated. It feels gorgeous, slightly fluffy and really soft. What fascinates me is that it is made from a mixture of 70% wool and 30% Soybean protein fibre. This particular colour ranges from a creamy beige to a mid brown. I can hardly wait to get started, but I have decided I really should get the ends on my scarves sewn up first.


Barbara said...

Sometimes I also don't know what doing first. At the moment it is very good weather and all my stuff must wait ,because my garden cries for cleaning.

Mandy said...

Thanks for the comment Barbara. It is hard to choose what to get done first.