Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've been tagged.

It has been interesting these last few days since Jenny tagged me, trying to think of seven things about myself. Seven things isn't too hard, its the thought of trying to make it interesting.

Also the thought of sending the challenge on to others. Who to send the tag to? So many of the people I initially thought of have already been tagged............... and recently too!
I shall send emails to those I would like to tag and then come back to mention their names here, when they have agreed.

Seven things about me:

1. Well, I love cats, dogs too. I have two gorgeous felines - now aged eleven, they are loving and dear friends and companions. All my life I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by really affectionate cats and dogs. My mother has a delightful photo of me in my pram, being chaparoned by Whiskey the cat and Kimmy, the dog. Both were black and white, great friends and took it in turns to guard me in my pram.

2. Music is another passion. I love playing music as well as listening. My tastes are decidedly eclectic - varying from Early Music (pre 1750) to Folk Music. I'm guided by my mood at the time of listening.

3. Textiles - I always have some projects on the go at the same time. or example at the moment I have the following projects: a knitted tunic, a shopping bag - the rebuild which has previously been mentioned, the black, red and white quilt and a japanese quilt which I have taken out of storage (it has been in a cupboard for over a year, waiting for something to be done to it.)

4. Family - need I say more? The support of my family (and friends) means such a lot to me.

5. Home - I love the area in which I live. We are lucky to have some wonderful areas to just go and have a walk or a cycle ride.

6. Podcasts - I love listening to these whenever I am working. I have learnt so much as a result of listening. Thanks to all podcasters out there.

7. Radio - I suppose this follows on from the podcasts. Though really I have always been a big fan of the radio. The podcasts have come along far more recently. My big favourites are BBC7 with its wide range of broadcasts stories and comedy shows, and Oneword - a broadcaster with a very similar range of programming.

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