Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hello again.

Still busy, but managing to get some knitting done. I completed the back of my tunic yesterday.

I have just started the front, and was starting the first lace row after the garter stitch border. whilst waiting for Blogger to upload my photos. The tunic is sitting on the top of my shirt quilt.

Since I last posted I have made another piece of felt. This was made using bubble-wrap rather than the more traditional rolling. This was because I used a range of bits and pieces, not all of which were wool.
The following photo is a close-up of the "top". It shows some of the bits and pieces I used - some really curly Wensleydale fleece (amazing stuff!), metallic rayon yarn scraps, and some threads.
The last photo shows the "back".
This was the last piece I made at the Textiles course. I am not sure what I shall do with next. We are supposed to be adding stitching, but I still haven't made up my mind. The felt now hangs from the message board, waiting for inspiration.
I must completely mad, but I have joined up with the "Elizabeth's-year" group started by Kelley of the Knit Picks podcast. This should be an interesting challenge, since we shall all be knitting pieces designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I must admit that before I heard Kelley's podcast I had never heard of Elizabeth Zimmermann. We are starting with a shawl. I have to wait a little longer since I have ordered the books I need from and they will not get here until later this month. Then I shall have the fun of sorting out suitable yarns.

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Barbara said...

The felt looks gorgeous!!