Monday, August 06, 2007

Knitting and bags.

Well, I completed the linings on my two bags.

Each bag now has a large side pocket which can hold at least one magazine, a zipped pocket large enough to carry a purse and other special items, and a smallish pocket for a mobile phone. I found a rather fun ladybird tag for the zip. Much easier to grab hold of than the tiny tag at the end of the zip.

The following pictures show a project bag I made for myself some time ago.

I made the strip of seminole patchwork a year or so ago for a different project. It didn't suit the project, so never got used. Now it makes rather a nice pocket for this bag. The pocket is a little shallow, but still useful for little bits and pieces which could get lost within the bag itself. At the moment it holds my sock knitting projects.

Yes, I have already bought myself some new sock yarn. I still haven't been able to progress with the current socks since I am still steadily knitting on with my shawl. I am very happy to report that I have now knitted over half the edging on my shawl - 154 repeats of the pattern! There are 288 repeats altogether.......... but I'm getting there!


Jenni said...

It's amazing how long the edging takes isn't it? And I did the simple garter stitche edging!

I love your recycled bags!

Barbara said...

Wonderful bag1 A good idea!