Sunday, July 29, 2007

Getting things done - slowly.

Well, I've been busy, knitting and completing my shopping bag repair.

The photos above show all four sides of my newly completed bag. I just don't have the heart to use it as a shopping bag any more. Well, not everyday. I shall probably have to use it for a little while since my second bag now needs a lining. I shall be adding a big pocket inside this second bag, as well as the zipped pocket and a small open pocket for my mobile phone. I always seem to lose mine somewhere deep down at the bottom......... Why do they always ring just when its impossible to find them?

The original lining on my third bag is also beginning to go, so I shall have to find some suitable fabric for that one too.

The lining I am using for the second bag used to be the cushion cover for a large oblong beanbag. Its now washed and ready to hang out on the washing line to dry. The old zip which fastened the cover is now sitting with the rest of my zips ready for a new use. Sadly, it was far too big to use for the lining I am planning to make.

As you can see from the next photo, I have finally reached the stage of adding the knitted on border to the shawl. Its been a little bit of a struggle since I regularly get myself into a dreadful tangle with the wool, needles and dropped stitches. Still, I'm getting there and it seems to be getting a little easier - oh dear, should I have said that?

The edging looks as if it has been knitted using a darker yarn. I am still using the variegated yarn I have used all along. This part seems to be one of the darker lengths. It looks better when seen as part of the whole shawl. The wooden needles to the left are the ones that I am working the border with. The circular needle to the right is just holding the invisible cast on stitches.

The shawl is being knitted as part of the Elizabeth's Year group knitalong. Its such fun to be part of such a large and friendly group. Many of us are knitting the shawl his month. I have found the project a steep learning curve, finding so many new techniques that I have needed to learn - invisible cast-on, knitting on a border to name but two. It certainly helped being able to learn from the others in the group.

When reading through other Blogs this morning, I visited Christine's Blog. She is another member of the Stitching Sisters group - we are working on a Band Robin project together.
In her excellent Blog, Christine mentioned the Blog without obligation site. I have added the link to the side of this Blog. The basic idea is not to feel guilty about blogging - especially those times when life gets in the way and the Blog doesn't get added to regularly......... Its so nice to be encouraged to give myself permission not to feel guilty.
Do visit Christine's Blog - its delightful. She also has a costume Blog too. Christine is one of those talented people - she makes the most amazing period costumes.

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Jenni said...

Hi...I'm visiting from Elizabeth's Year. Your Pi shawl is a beautiful color and the edging looks fabulous!

I just blocked mine yesterday!! I need to post a picture today.