Sunday, November 04, 2007


Well, I have done a fair amount of knitting this week. The Notre Dame de Grace pullover is now being blocked. The next stage will be to partially stitch it all together and then get on with the collar.

The Open Collar jumper - the October project for the Elizabeth's Year group is also now up to the collar.

The buttons are the ones I am auditioning for the completed jumper. They have little flecks of just the right shade of green for the project, but may be a little too fussy............ They can always be used for a different project.

You can just the see the edges of one of my blocking boards near to my workspace desk. Over the back of the chair is one of my favourite cardigans. It was made some years ago and is currently on the second set of buttons - the first set lost its colouring in the wash! Its one of those comforting cardigans - one to snuggle up in when the air is chill. The collar is quite wide and almost like a shawl.

I had a disaster earlier in the week when I managed to knock the tip off one of my needles. (Serves me right for storing this project in a wicker basket!) It was one of the needles I was using for the Notre Dame pullover. This set was plastic and really nice to use. My dear husband came to the rescue and remade the tip for me using his lathe. The needles are back in use,as good as new, the only difference being that one is slightly shorter than the other!

Can you tell which tip has been redone?
Its the lower of the two needles shown above..........
I took some photos during the week of the evening sky. The colours were so beautiful as I walked home from school, that I just had to record them.

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