Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time to stitch!

Well, its been a most enjoyable week. It has been half term holiday from school this week, so I have been able to enjoy myself in my new sewing space.

In sorting out my stash of fabrics I found fabric I had forgotten I had, things I should have mended ages ago, two skirts that needed altering, and some items I thought I had lost. The mending has finally been completed and I have the two skirts hanging in my wardrobe ready to be worn. The knitting has come on well too.

A rather busy, but very enjoyable week.

The first photos show the progress with my two jumpers. First, the Elizabeth's Year project. As you can see, I have got quite a way towards completing the decreases to the collar. I am not sure whether I shall get this completed by the end of the month. The group will be knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Moccasin socks in November. The yarn I have left over from this jumper project will be used for the socks.

The next project is the Notre Dame de Grace pullover. As you can see, I have nearly got to the end of the increases on the second sleeve. The buttons on the sleeve are those I am auditioning for the placket button. This is purely decorative, but needs a rather special button to set it off. I found these gorgeous buttons in a craft shop and couldn't choose between them.

The last photo shows the progress with my bright throw which I started last weekend. The pieced section on the left is the foundation pieced section I showed you last time. The lower section with the rooftops is a piece I found when tidying. I made it some time ago for the Round Robin I was involved in with Cranford Quilters. It was a duplicate made for a friend's quilt since I wasn't sure which of two colourways would be best. Her topic was Architecture - a fascinating choice for a quilt. This section fits rather nicely with the rest of the throw. The third piece of fabric is one I came across this week. I hadn't been intending to buy any more fabric. Honest! However, the Knots and Needles Ps and Qs which I go to had been given some fabric. We all looked intently into the collection. I bought a number of pieces, including some pink silk. This particular piece, a design which uses all the colours I had chosen for the throw just shouted at me. All the monies from the sale of the fabric goes to the local Hospice, so I refuse to feel too guilty.


Barbara said...

Dear Mandy ,thanks for your lovely comment. ..and Ohh...You are teacher?..I am a teacher too..!
I live in a town in the south of Germany and next to my house ,about five minutes to drive, is the woolfactory of your sockwool REGIA.I often bought some wool and at the moment, when I am writing here, I have my selvemade socks on my feet:)))..mmmmhhh..
Greetings and I will come back here!!

N. Maria said...

Oh, my, you quilt, too! I love to quilt but my knitting gets in the way.
Lovely blog.