Sunday, December 23, 2007

Knitting, stitching and such.

Its been rather a long time since I last posted to my Blog. Work got in the way, and my much-loved sewing machine decided to break down, but I still managed to get rather a lot of knitting done.

I've started two pairs of socks - useful mobile knitting. The first design is "Firestarter" by Yarnissima. This interesting design can be found at

The second design is "Naive Socks" by Spillyjane. This is a delightful cabled sock design and can be found at

The third project is using up the Jaeger Trinity yarn I have had in my stash for some time. This poor yarn has been used for two previous projects which I really did not enjoy knitting and so ripped them back. This seems to be third time lucky. The design is Hazel from the Jaeger book JB34. This is another beautifully cabled design which I really enjoy knitting. This is getting on far faster than the socks at the moment. I have already finished the back and have started the front.

Here is the promised photo of the Mocassin Socks. Coco wanted to have her photo taken, so we compromised I took a photo as she posed with my socks. This was not an Elizabeth's Year project I really enjoyed, but I shall use these socks. I think what puts me off is the seam underneath the foot - something that I personally find uncomfortable to walk in. They will prove useful as house socks on chilly days.
The last project waiting to be started is the beautiful "Ice Queen" from I have managed to get myself involved in yet another knittalong to knit this.The group calls itself Ice_Queen and is a Yahoo group.
As well as all this, I have now finished the design work on the Band Robin. This will be shown after I know it has arrived with the next person on the list. The design was based on a wonderful carved stone design from the 12th Century which I found in a gorgeous book. I shall tell you more another time, but I can tell you that the book was a lucky find. I found it in a Charity shop!
Happy Christmas everyone!
For those who don't share Christmas, may I wish you some very happy, uninterrupted time with your own textile projects.


Barbara said...

so many projects! wish you peaceful days and a wonderful creative 2008 !
HUGS Barbara

Mandy said...

Probably far too many projects! I shall enjoy myself. Have a wonderfully creative 2008 yourself, Barbara!

Toni said...

Ha! Ha! I managed to resist the temptation of the "Ice Queen" pattern, but it has been put on the "to-do" list. I am waiting for my yarn for the January aran to arrive....

Goo0d luck!!!