Monday, February 11, 2008

A knitter goes for a walk.

Its been quite frosty overnight, so I took myself off for a walk taking the camera with me. This local walk follows a farm track to the next village going past fields close to a railway line.

The sky was really clear too, the vapour trails lasting for ages.

A frozen puddle. I just loved the patterns the ice made.

Winter trees at the edge of one field.

Self portrait - woman with shopping bag. Well, I'd planned to get some bread at the village shop on my way. Sadly it was closed when I got there. So I posted some letters I'd brought along instead and ambled on home.

The birds were a delight to hear and so nice to greet fellow walkers out enjoying the morning.

I've been busily knitting this project recently. An aran pullover. The design comes from "The Aran Collection Part Two" from Sirdar. The yarn is one of Stylecraft's aran weight yarns. I haev no idea which one since the wrappings disappeared some time ago. Yes, this is the same jumper I mentioned in an earlier post. I ended up ripping back all my knitting since I had missed something in the pattern. Its been knitting up really well. I shall be altering the design of the sleeves though. The pattern gives relatively plain sleeves with just a cable up the arm. Mine will imitate the design from the font and back and will have the cabled ribbing used there instead of the pattern's plain ribbing.
Detail showing the cabled ribbing and part of the design.
A photo showing the design in more detail. I just love the cabled edge to the raglan. I shall be copying this idea onto the sleeves too.
(Please note the colours in the top photo are the most accurate.)
I am looking forward to finishing this jumper since it will really keep me cosy on future walks. There is a matching hat in the pattern too. Now that would be really useful...........


Barbara said... are very the knitting..walking is one of my favorite things too...

Jenny said...

Love the cabled band, something different. Looks so warm & cosy.

Christine said...

I used to knit for the kids when they were VERY little, but Sydney isn't really cold enough to wear knits in winter so I haven't knitted for ages. I still like the process, not sure if my hands would love it though with the arthritis? Wonder if I should give it a go? You asked on my costume blog about finding info to make historical outfits "authentic".. well early Australian stuff is very difficult, especially lower classes, and nothing much about convicts at all. A few descriptions, but the terms are different and confusing for the layman. You have to read a lot, look at whatever you can in museums online and in person, and deduce a lot. We mostly have to rely on the English examples, although I get lots of info also from the US re-enactment folks online, so you just do your best guestimate, LOL. It's a steep learning curve thats for sure.
Christine in drizzly Sydney. When will the rain END???

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I love the frost pictures - can really feel the frosty nip in the air. The grass one is especially interesting, all that texture. Thanks for rhubarb blog comment! It is doing well!

Jane said...

Lovely jumper. I remember having lots of hand knitted jumpers when we were little. My favourite one was purple with blackberry stitch, shame we don't have anyone in the family who knits anymore. Enjoy the knitting and walks.


Mandy said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am fascinated by texture, hence the photos.
It was interesting to hear your comments about research, Christine. The costumes you make are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more as you add them to your Blog.