Sunday, April 06, 2008

An interesting day.

This morning I woke to a really fairytale sight. Snow had fallen overnight - only a light snowfall, but everywhere looked so pretty. The photos were taken at 7am, when the light was really lovely, almost pink.
Felix was not impressed. He doesn't like getting his paws wet.
The snow was not destined to last, after only a few hours it was gone.

This afternoon, we have sleet. Not quite so pleasant. Good weather for knitting and getting on with bits and pieces, though. Here is Liz's second jumper, the Dickinson Pullover. The front is now finished and I am well over half way up the first sleeve. Aggie is looking after it for me since pinning it up like this keeps it safely out of the cats' way. (I don't fancy pulling black fur from such a pale coloured aran pattern.)
My sewing machine is back and working beautifully once more. I went back to collect it yesterday.

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