Monday, May 26, 2008

I knew I shouldn't have started.

Well, we went back up into the loft this morning to finish the task we started yesterday. I found yet another couple of bags full of yarn.

Quite a mixture again. Some cones, many skeins and balls of 4ply and double knitting weight yarns. Most of these were acrylic, but some were cotton. I spent quite a time sorting it all out - finding somewhere to put it too. I am not complaining about finding all this yarn, since I shall definitely find uses for most of it. The rest will be donated for different projects.

Coco enjoyed watching the whole process, but then demanded a tummy tickle. Who could refuse her?

By the way, the total bags of books taken for the "Coffee and Chat" and "Old Friends" groups came to seven!! With another five bags heading off into town for the various Charity shops there.

A good job done. The loft is tidy. There are still quite a number of boxes up there, but these will have to wait for my daughters. It all belongs to them!

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