Sunday, May 25, 2008

Now why did I ever start?

Have you ever started something that you really didn't think would be such a time-consuming task?
I helped my husband start work on sorting out the loft space. In the process I found some stash that I had completely forgotten about.

This was was the first stash I discovered, or should I say rediscovered? The garish prints are some screenprinted samples I did many years ago. The pieces at the bottom were cot sheets I made for my daughters when they were babies.

Here are the cotton sheets again, with some cot blankets and a stripy curtain. All these will find a new use. Their new home is as part of my ever-growing fabric stash. (Sorry this photo has been duplicated, I couldn't get the other copy to delete!)
As you can see the sheets were both brushed cotton and plain cotton. I have plans for some cosy brushed cotton pyjamas for myself ready for next winter.

Then I found the wool. Well, most of this is acrylic - the gorgeously soft acrylic. This was left over from knitted items made for my girls and my husband. Some useful quantities of a few colours and weights too. This has all found a way into my ever-growing yarn stash. I shall offer some of the yarn to my aunt, who knits blankets for different charities.

Lastly, I was so thrilled to have found this book.

Its a knitting book dating from the 1940s which my grandmother (my mother's mother) gave to me. I lost it some time ago.

It has some of grandma's notes in the front and also the back - this is a lace pattern. I think she means "yarn forward" when she writes "Tfwd" or "Tfd". To check, I shall have to try out the pattern for myself. This next photo is a project from the book which I shall certainly consider making.
There were no less than five carrier bags filled with the books we had hoarded but no longer needed. When we asked our next door neighbour if he wanted to have some of the books, we discovered that the "Old Friends" group had a book swop. This group is one of two groups of the older villagers meeting weekly in the village hall - the other is called "Coffee and Chat". Both groups run a book swop for their members. All books are usually bought from the local charity shops and returned there once everyone has read those titles they wish to read. (The groups only charge 10p per book borrowed). We donated three of our bags of books, leaving only the technical books to be taken to one of the Charity Shops next week.
The cats, of course, were not impressed by all the hard work.


Jane said...

How great, it's amazing what you find when you look isn't it. Looks like you'll have lots of fun with new projects.

Barbara said...

...ohhh...sometimes its good to sit between old fabric....memories are coming and pictures are remembering to gone days....
..and ....i have the same stuff here..:))))
Kisses Barbara have the same sewing

Mandy said...

Jane, thanks so much for the comment. I have seen the gorgeous fukusa you have shown on your own Blog. These are so beautiful! Its so nice to hear that you are beginning to feel better too.

Mandy said...

Thanks Barbara. You are right, the memories these items bring back!
Well, today I went back up to the loft to finish the job. Guess what - more yarn. Two bags full!
I shall post about this collection a little later.

Julie said...

What a bunch of great finds! I'd be so distracted by the free stash enhancement that the cleaning wouldn't get done. Good job at pressing through. Love the cats, boy are they sure smart.

Mandy said...

Thanks Julie. Yes, the finds do make it all worthwhile. Its a bit scary putting all the stash into the same place. I have nearly run out of bags to house all the yarn. My shelves are now overflowing with fabric.
But oh, I shall enjoy using it all.

Christine said...

Hi. You probably think you were very clever to sort out your loft, but isn't it amazing how cats can put everything in perspective so easily, LOL? Mine just opens one eye, looks at me as if to say, who's making all that noise, and goes back to sleep. I think I'll come back as a cat!!

Mandy said...

You are absolutely right there, Christine. They have it just right - food on demand, entertaining owners and neighbours, loving attention when required too.