Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making felt.

Well, its a wet day here. What better way to spend a morning than making felt?
I bought two 250g mixed colour packs of Merino 64s from Wingham Wool Work earlier this month. The colours above are from the green/blue range I ordered. Below are the colours from the yellow/orange pack.
There was also white and chestnut brown to add to the colours available to me. I haven't made any felt recently, so really enjoyed myself this morning. I made four pieces of felt, but will post the photos of these when they have dried out a little more. Two were on a blue/green theme and the other two used the browns, yellows, white and yellow colours.
On the UFO front, I completed my blanket. This is currently in my younger daughter's bedroom. She snuggled herself up in it watching a film last night and I haven't seen it since. It might have found it's new owner.
The work on the charity quilt for the Hospice is continuing slowly. I made the mistake of enjoying myself with the free-machine-embroidery. Never mind, theres not much left to complete before sorting out the binding.
Whilst all this has been going on, I have started a new piece of knitting. This is the Ribbed Top by Vladimir Teriokhin, from the Spring/Summer 2008 edition of Vogue Knitting.
Its a really interesting pattern to knit.
However, I'm badly tempted to start yet another project. This is to knit a little bag for felting.
This whole idea started because I'm planning to start a Craft Group at school next term. It would be such a nice project to aim for, for those who want to learn to knit. I bought some more colourways in this same yarn to try out too.
I only intend to make samples with these two. I just could not resist the little bag pattern when I saw it. Why pinky/purple? I just loved the colour as soon as I saw it.

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