Saturday, August 23, 2008

New work and other silliness.

I woke to a glorious morning today. A real lift to the spirits after all the rain we have been having lately. Sadly, it is just beginning to cloud over again - do not feel down-hearted since this will not dampen my spirits. Not after such an enchanting wake-up call.

The rest of the day will be rather silly, in that my dear husband is working on the plumbing and the water connection to the house has been switched off. No possiblility of housework using the wet stuff. Goody, goody, more time to play in between helping with the D.I.Y! (Do-It-Yourself) We are so fortunate in this household that my husband is extremely good at things D.I.Y. However, I do end up as the maker of cups of tea, general assistant, finder of missing items and first-aider. So if the post today seems a little disjointed, please forgive me.

The next few photos are of a Elizabeth Zimmermann project I started earlier this month. This star design comes from the August chapter of her book, the Knitter's Almanac. I decided to stick with the star shape and turn a number of these into a bauble, sewing these together with a few beads. Everything here has come from my stash, which is a good thing since I am fast running out of space in which to stash my various stashes.

This picture, showing the loop on the top of the bauble shows the true colour of the yellow acrylic yarn I have been using. Each star is 2 inches tall and the bauble is around 3 and a quarter inches tall (not including the loop, which adds an extra inch and a quarter).

Since the sides gape rather a lot, I have knitted three of these four-sided stars based on EZ's pattern for the five-sided star. The whole shape will then be filled by this enchanting stuff seen in the bag below. It came protecting a gift I received at Christmas. The bag I will keep to use again one day.

The next photo shows the pile of filling next to the partially completed bauble.
The delightful little snowflake is attached to one of the long lengths of filling. I shall use it in some way too.
The last picture shows one of the gorgeous flowers in my garden at the moment. I really wish I could share it's exotic scent with you.


Maggie R said...

I love this flower.....I have some in my garden too...... Isn't Mother Nature wonderful :-}

Mandy said...

Thanks Maggie.
I just love the huge variety of colours and textures there are around us.