Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A lovely weekend.

Had a great weekend. Such fun!
I spent the Saturday at the Quilter's Guild Area Day. This was wonderful. I had the chance to buy some more African fabric since Magi Relph had a stall there.
Our first speaker was the wonderful Sandie Lush. She is such a talented quilter and an entertaining person to listen to. Her talk was so informative, I was so glad that I had taken my little notebook along with me.
I bought a small booklet about hand-quilting, a thread pack and also a beautiful hand quilted cushion design called "Colonial Dahlia". These were being sold by Sandie after her talk.
It was wonderful to be able to see Sandie's beautiful quilts. Even better to be able to see them close -up.
After lunch, we had a second speaker. This was the amazing Jenny Kitoss (I do hope that I have spelt that correctly.) A prolific quilter who was happy to let us handle her quilts.
She had an amazing variation on the quillow idea, calling this a Travellers Chuck.
A quillow is a quilt which can be folded into itself, looking just like a cushion when it is folded up. A Travellers Chuck, on the other hand is rolled up and the ends held by two loops secreted on the back. I bought a copy of the pattern. It was charming to read on the back:

"NB (note) I do not need copywrite of this idea, we are lucky that early quilters weren't so selfish! Just acknowledge my inspiration." This comment was accompanied by smiley face.

Jenny had designed the original Travellers Chuck for her son who was about to travel around the world and needed something practical.

On the Sunday, I was able to indulge another passion - wool and other yarns for knitting and felting! It was the open day of lots of wonderful yarns, needles, spindles, braiding tools, dyes and other goodies. I took my mum and younger daughter along. We had a great time touching, stroking and admiring the gorgeous yarns available. Fyberspates were also there with their beautiful range of yarns. Far too tempting. But oooh, what a fun time we had.

Sorry about the lack of photos - I still haven't had time to have my camera repaired / replaced.


donnac1968 said...

What time were you at bluefaced? We were there from 1pm till about 1.45.

Mandy said...

We arrived rather earlier. I think it must have been around 11.30ish when we got there. We had a great time with all those gorgeous yarns.

Toni said...

I can't wait to see the "traveler's chuck--it sounds like a great idea.

Ah! Now you've made me want to quilt today. I'm still a big novice, but it's usually more fun than frustration. Usually

Mandy said...

Hi Toni,
Thanks for leaving a comment. You will find a photo of the Traveler's Chuck pattern in my latest Blog entry.