Sunday, October 05, 2008

A new camera!

I finally have another camera to replace my old one. Sadly that one could not be repaired. It was too badly damaged. I don't think I shall let this one out of my sight for a while................ Its a Sony Super Steady Shot DSC-W200. It will take me some time to get as comfortable with it as my old one. Still it will be fun learning. My dear husband found this one in a sale of ex-catalogue items. What a find!

At present I am working on three knitted projects at the same time. This one is my main priority at present. I really need a cosy cardigan and this will be it. I am most of the way up the back now, so should be able to start one of the fronts next week.

Sorry the second photo is so blurred. It shows the colour of the yarn far better than the first picture.

The next picture is my second version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Open-collar pullover. I shall attempt turning this into a v-necked jumper since I could really do with a warm one. I already have a bought one, but it really just isn't warm enough.

This next photo shows the progress with my Nutkin socks. The design is by Knitzi. Such a pleasant design, these are intended to be worn with my new short brown boots.

The lovely little zipped project bag was a free gift when I renewed my subscription to Selvedge. So useful! Its just the right size for the socks.

Last time, I mentioned the pattern I had bought from Sandie Lush. Here it is. The second photo shows the thread pack I bought at the same time.

The next photo shows the lovely little booklet about hand quilting which I bought at the meeting. The ISBN number is:1 870264 27 4. You can get these booklets direct from Sandie Lush.

The last photo is the Travellers Chuck pattern which I mentioned last time.

I was really intrigued by this idea and really want to make one.


donnac1968 said...

How do you have time for all these different crafts?

I started a pair of Nutkins a while ago then made a mistake and decided the yarn was wrong anyway and frogged. I will make them again though.

Mandy said...

Hello Donna,
I think the truth is that I really don't have the time for all the crafts I am interested in. I just use the different crafts as a reward for myself. So, for example, when I've finished some paperwork, I can relax with some knitting or whatever I am interested in at the time. It all helps me spend less time, but more productive time, on the bits and pieces I really hate doing.