Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keeping on keeping on.

Its been an interesting week. I managed to complete my Nutkin socks and quilt the sashing of my Black, Red and White quilt. Its ages since I last worked on this.

This is the top, below, you can see the reverse side of the same quilt.

My next task is to attach the binding.

I also started a cowl to go with a fleece jacket I made some years ago. I already have a matching scarf, but the playground at school gets rather too windy for a scarf to stay around my neck. Hence the idea of making this cowl. This is Mary Burr's Aibhlinn design from Knitty.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Cold, but sunny. Perfect for some pruning and general tidying up around the gardens. Our little close here gets together to share the work once in a while. Four men complete with ladders, secateurs, cutters, saws and various other implements set to work. My husband was one of these. My job, and that of another wife, was to ply everyone with tea. There was such a lot of laughing going on it was amazing that such a lot got done! Our neighbours make it such fun to live here.

The last photo is of T.C. after his inspection of my garden shed. He was supervising the work going on in the various gardens. His owner was one of the team actually doing the work.


donnac1968 said...

Love the Nutkins, will you bring them to Borders next time so I can have a look. I abandoned a pair of these a while ago cos it was the wrong yarn, so I'd love to see a completed pair.

What great neighbours to all help out with the tidying. Must be like living in Ramsey Street, (except without all the affairs and murders and goings on!)

Mandy said...

Yes,we lack the drama. But make up for that with the fun we have.
I'll bring them along to Borders for you.

donnac1968 said...

Thanks for bringing the Nutkins along last night, they are much more gorgeous in real life. Hope you managed to rescue that stitch that eagle-eyed Karen noticed!

Mandy said...

Thanks for comments.
Yes, thanks to Karen, that stitch is now secured. So glad she noticed it!
Thanks again.