Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to the sewing machine.

Yes, I have started work again with my sewing machine. There is a large pile of fabric pieces on my workbench ready to be cut up. A vague plan has been drawn on squared paper, notes written on a small piece of notepaper and my rotary cutter lying on it's side ready to be put to use again. A pile of pinned fabric lies ready for sewing by the sewing machine. A new needle has been inserted, the bobbins are filled and I am ready to go as soon as I find where the cotton reel has disappeared to................

This afternoon I had an interesting trip into Lidl. They had some cotton yarn for a silly price. I just had to put it in my trolley.
The tiny flower belongs to a miniature rose which opened its petals last week. It is a really bright splash of colour on my kitchen windowsill. A second bud looks almost ready to open.............

Recently I have managed to collect these little zip tags. They are wonderful for those fiddly little pieces of metal used for opening and closing the zips I use for the inside pockets of the bags where I have added a lining. I'm sure I have a ladybird one somewhere, but I haven't spotted it recently. (Ooops, sorry for the pun.)

May I give my heartfelt thanks to those lovely people who have added their names as followers of this Blog. I really enjoy visiting your Blogs and encourage anyone reading this message to go and do the same.
Jenny is an inspirational embroiderer, Robin a maker of delightful quilts, Donna is an expert in knitting socks (now, now, don't be modest!), and Mrs J has a really interesting Blog and is a fellow member of Ravelry. Scatty has just joined too. Thank you all.

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