Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Working steadily - my own projects.

Sorry to report that I have nothing new to show you. I have been working steadily on two projects, but neither is yet complete.

The first of these is a box I have been making for the "Think outside the take-out box" series of lessons by Debbie Babin. This has been great fun since I have been busy getting messy and playing with beads and thread as well as paint and fabric dyes. The series of lessons is one from Joggles. It is certainly well worth doing. I have a learnt a lot in the process.

This will be the outside of the box. Lots of dye inks used here.

A complete contrast - this is the inside lining of the box. It looks hand-dyed, but is actually a printed fabric I found and loved.

The next is the Green Quilt. I cannot even show you my progress here, since Liz and Simon have not yet seen it. This will take a while since it is rather fiddly, but I hope it will work out all right.


Toni said...

I love the box! What a great idea! I just love all the different projects you do

Mandy said...

Thanks Toni. Now all I need to do is find the time to finish it!