Friday, December 11, 2009

Frosty morning.

Its so lovely outside. A really frosty morning. Now I see the fog is slowly creeping back. How sad, but at least we had a short spell free of fog when the sunshone on these beautiful cobwebs.

Its nice that even the rubbish bins outside can be adorned with jewels like this.

The garden gate and my car got their share of embellishments too. I came into the warm before my fingers got too cold.

I have been buying fabric again! Not good, but I really couldn't resist these lovely pieces.

This is the collection of green fabrics left after working on the Green Quilt. Why is it that my collections of fabric grow even though I am using the fabric faster than I can buy it? Does anyone else have this affliction? Well, more a pleasure than an affliction. I love cuddling my fabric.

Sorry, there are no photos of the Green Quilt yet. I shall post these publicly once Liz and Simon have taken possession of what will become their quilt. It is their Christmas Present.

The fabric on the right is going to be the sashing for the quilt. The fabric on the left is destined for my mother's quilt. This should be my next big project. I have not quite decided upon the final design yet. Mum needs a quilt with a fleece backing for her favourite chair. I see the design being something to do with gardens. Mum's garden is a delightful jumble of plants, and in the summer is full of colour. It is long and narrow, sloping away from the house - one of a row of terraced houses. A traditional English Country Garden but without the vegetable plot. There is even a lovely bubbling stream down at the bottom of her garden. It floods at this time of year, but seldom reaches much above half way up the garden.

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