Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Having fun with textiles.

I have not been posting about the work I have been doing lately. Sorry about that, I have been rather busy.
This collection of fabric is destined to become clothing. I am seriously trying to get my large piece fabric stash into more manageable proportions. Yes, I know you have heard this all before, but I really must make some clothing to replace the aging items in my wardrobe. Rather more satifying than going into a shop and buying............. or that's what I'm telling myself.
Here are some of the patterns I shall be using. Yes, that is a vintage Burda shirt pattern at the bottom of the pile.
The main project I am doing at the moment is my monthly pieces for the Traveling Pages group. This is great fun and I am learning a lot seeing other people's work.
This first lovely page was made for me by Trillian. My theme is "The Sea". Isn't this interpretation lovely?
Here is a close-up.
The next piece is my working of "Flowers" for Kath. This was sent to Crete at the end of January.
It uses some of the lino-print fabric I made earlier in January. (You will need to scroll down through this post to see the fabric I printed.)
This is a close-up of some of the stitching.
Here you can see the flower bud I added.
And some free machine embroidery in progress. This was used for the appliqued flower.
Now, I have started on "Leaves". This is the theme for Maya and will need to be completed and sent off before the end of this month.
I indulged myself this morning, having huge fun with fabric paints.......... Children are not the only ones to enjoy playing.

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