Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sharing the sunshine.

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting, but here are the remaining names of those given the Sunshine Award. (To read all about the award, please see the last post.)

Again, in no particular order, since they are all wonderful:

Christine of Lady Jane's Wardrobe.
Just go along and look at all the wonderful costumes she makes. A fellow member of the Stitching Sisters Group, she also has a second Blog for her embroidery. Its lovely to be able to see the wide variety of textile work Christine shows on her Blogs.

Jodie, of Ric Rac.
This is a Blog recently found and thoroughly enjoyed reading. Jodie makes the most wonderful fabric creatures and lots of other things too. I think what I enjoy most are the little stories woven around the small figures she makes. It is all so enchanting, it really makes my day.

Nadine Ruggles, writer of "InchieQuilts".
This Blog is much more professional than many I have seen. I like to read this regularly because Nadine gives such good information and advice. She is also so encouraging to those like me who have not taken the plunge of trying to get work into a major exhibition. It remains one of my ambitions.

Norma, of "Norma's Needleworkz".
Another member of the wonderful "Stitching Sisters", Norma makes the most delightful lace and tatting items.

Electric Sheep.
This excellent podcast is guaranteed to raise a smile. I always enjoy hearing a new episode and hope you will enjoy listening too. While not a Blog as such, I hope the podcast can be thought of as an honourable winner of the sunshine award, alongside the other people I have mentioned.

Barbara of "Embroidery Overlaps".
Barbara makes the most wonderful pieces of embroidery which are always an inspiration. I have followed her Blog for some time now and am always learning something new.

Donna of "Knitsamadworld".
Donna is a fellow knitter and organiser of a knitting group to which I belong. Her Blog is full of her various projects and always interesting to read.

The last mention on my list of very special people is:

Barbara, of "Rainbow".

Now Barbara's Blog always makes me stop and think. She takes such amazing photographs of each of the varies projects she makes. Added to this, she adds music for her readers to share. This makes her Blog a particularly rich and thoughtful experience.

Thank you to all of those I have mentioned over the past two posts for making the experience of reading your Blogs so special. You all equally deserve the Sunshine Award. I shall continue to read and enjoy all the work you share with the rest of us.


Barbara said...

Dear Mandy ,thanks for this wonderful award....I am very, very happy....hope you are well....Kisses Barbara

Mandy said...

Yes, I am well. Best wishes,

Jodie said...

Thanks so much for this award and also for the kind words about my blog and the little creatures that inhabit it.

Barbara Cheeseman said...

It is so kind of you to give me this award, mandy. Thank you very much. It is funny wih blogs, you put stuff on and out it goes into cyberspace and you only know if anyone at all sees it when someone responds, and then it is very heartwarming to find you have given some enjoyment to someone.
I'm afraid i don't know how to do most of the things a recipient is then supposed to do though!